Hiring a bespoke tent or marquee tailored to your Arabian Nights themed event is the perfect venue choice. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on how many guests you have and how much space is required. A yurt or dome tent is great for small gathering, whilst stretch tents are perfect for large events.

For décor think of colours red, orange, blue, gold and purple. Add relaxed lounges with lots of lanterns, palms, floor cushions and some shisha pipes. Coloured lightbulbs will also bring mystique to the ambiance. A luxurious but relaxed vibe is what you should aim for to immerse your guests in the Arabian Nights theme. Add some traditional chests and trinkets dotted around the venue. Lavish drapes and Persian rugs will also add to the feel of the theme.

Take advantage of the amazing food the Arabian culture has to offer when thinking about your catering. Moroccan cuisine features some brilliant options that are perfect for batch catering such as tagines and koftas, whilst Lebanese street food can also be a great choice for an Arabian Nights themed party. You could even have some Turkish delight waiting on each table for when your guests arrive. Don’t forget the drinks too! Make large batches of Middle Eastern mint lemonade to keep your guests refreshed. It’s super easy to make, just blend 1 litre of water, 200g of caster sugar, 250ml of lemon juice, 25ml of orange juice and about 25 mint leaves and serve with ice.

Think about whether you want to take care of the music yourself or hire a professional live band to keep your guests entertained. A traditional percussion band will add an authentic touch to your Arabian Nights themed event.

Bring your event to life by booking an authentic Arabian Belly Dance show to entertain your guests. The sounds of Arabian music combined with gorgeous girls and shimming costumes are sure to get your guests up and dancing. You could also have Fire Dancers there to get the party started.

If you’re looking to kick it up a notch, consider hiring Snake Charmers to keep the guests excited or if you are looking for good old fashioned dance party with a few guests, why not hire a DJ. Ask the DJ to mix a few of your favourite Arabian songs in the mix.

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